Devlog episode 2

Hello swordslinger!

This is a followup for the devlog and some background details on Thy Sword. If you're interested in or have questions on a particular aspect of the game development, get in touch with us at

First a shoutout to the most obvious influences: Barbarian (Death Sword in USA), Golden Axe. Also Moonstone for the Amiga 500.

A shoutout also goes out to the monsters who didnt make the final cut (at least the first episode...)

Well, actually the blue Troll managed to sneak in. Maybe he had some contacts on the inside. The players call him Hammer Bro.

You can see the game has come a long way since its humble beginnings. We rejoiced when we figured out the bow and arrow mechanics. Skill shots are awesome!

A cute detail is the game can actually get harder when playing local co-op, mostly due to the players getting hit by each other (hey!!!)

and all the chaos that takes place on the limited level space. But that also makes it fun. You can always settle the score in a VS death match mode later on against your friends (or foes)

That's all for now - happy chopping!


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Love the game. Quick question: Would you consider doing a Linux version?
It works great under Linux using WINE but a native compile is always best.