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Tiled to Binary Converter 2 is a tool for converting tilemaps (created in Tiled) to binary files for use in your games made using various engines and for many different platforms. Features:

  • Supports any number of tile layers, image layers and object groups.
  • Supports orthogonal, isometric, isometric (staggered) and hexagonal (staggered) tilemaps.
  • Tile numbers can be stored using 8, 16 or 32 bits.
  • Tile layers can be stored using run-length encoding to reduce file sizes.
  • Tile layers can be saved in column-major order (good for horisontal scrolling).
  • Support for special tile type layers (use for collisions etc., read documentation)
  • Custom properties can be included for any layer type and objects.
  • Integers in properties can either be saved using 16 or 32 bits.
  • Binary files can be stored in big-endian format for systems using the Motorola 68000 range of processors and PowerPC.

This tool is in ongoing development, feedback and ideas are welcomed!

I have tested the tool on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 using the Mono runtime, so it should work on Mac OS X also.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsGame engine, GameMaker, monogame, Tilemap, Unity


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TiledToBinaryV21.zip 305 kB
TiledToBinary2-Documentation.pdf 270 kB
TiledToBinary2-Amiga-Amos-Documentation.pdf 21 kB
TiledToBinary2-FileVersionChanges.pdf 14 kB

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